The questions in this small group guide relate to the sermon from July 11th/12th.  If your group has not had a chance to listen to the full sermon, they can find it at  This week’s sermon was preached by Rev. Adam Hamiton, Senior Pastor. 

Opening Prayer:

Lord Jesus, as we gather to study your Word would you open our hearts to hear your voice.  Help us to set aside the anxieties and stress of our week to fully focus on you.  Be with us as we learn together and grow in our understanding of the life you are calling us to.  In the name of your Son Jesus Christ, we pray.  Amen.

This week’s sermon is centered on Matthew 6:1-24 (NSRV)

1. When you were younger what was your favorite thing to “pretend” to be?

2.  Have you ever felt the need to be affirmed for what you do?

3. Have you ever been guilty of practicing your piety for others? Have you ever caught yourself “blowing your trumpet” in regards to your faith?

4. Pastor Adam says that you might start by doing things for others to noticed but you are meant to grow more spiritually mature where you do acts of service to only honor God.  How does spiritual maturity develop integrity and authenticity in our works?

5. Pastor Adam related that ego can be remembered by the acronym Edging God Out.  How can we make sure that it isn’t our ego on our throne instead of God?  How do we yield our ego?

6.  Read Matt. 6:19-21.  What does it mean to store up for yourselves treasure in heaven?

7.  How is giving an antidote to our constant yearning for more?

Closing Prayer:

Lord Jesus, help me never to be too busy, or too shy, to talk to you about both the big and little things that are on my mind. Calling you “Lord” means that you rule over my life and my priorities. Give me the courage and devotion to really mean it when I call you “Lord.”  Thank you for the ongoing conversation we call “prayer.” Amen.

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