Gospel of Mark - Week 1

Gospel of Mark - Week 1

February 21, 2021

Mark 1:1-13

How To Use This Study

A sample 1 ½ hour meeting might look like this:

  • First 15 – check in, connection time and opening prayer
  • Next 15 – Show the video or read the passage together (Click Here for videos)
  • Next 45 – Study & Discussion time
  • Last 15 – Prayer

One Church Study Questions for each week:

1.What stood out to you from today’s viewing?

2. How would you summarize these chapters in a sentence or two?

3. What did you learn about Jesus in these chapters?

4. What did you learn about people/humanity in these chapters?

5. What is God asking you to do, be, embrace, change and/or believe from these chapters?

Additional Questions for your use:

  • Have you been baptized?  What do you remember about the experience?
  • How have you found yourself to be a “master of justification” for the wrong choices we make?
  • What is one way you plan to ready yourself for Easter?

Suggestion for Prayer time:

Spend a few minutes allowing people to fill in the blank for themselves for the statement “Lord, I’m so sorry for…”  This should be a private practice. Then close your time praying for those requests in general.

Additional Ideas:

Do you have someone interested in baptism?  Share this information with them.

If you have never been baptized and are interested in learning more about baptism at Resurrection, please use the link below to let us know, and we’ll send you details about an upcoming special baptism class.  Click here or use this link to share: https://reg.learningstream.com/s_reg/reg_registration_maintenance.aspx?ek=0020-0020-BC3EF4695C8F40C999A4072C8A9D6D36

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