Gospel of Mark - Week 2

Gospel of Mark - Week 2

February 27, 2021

Mark 1:14-3:6

How to use the study:

A sample 1 ½ hour meeting might look like this:

  • First 15 – check in, connection time and opening prayer
  • Next 15 – Show the video or read the passage together (Click Here for videos)
  • Next 45 – Study & Discussion time
  • Last 15 – Prayer

One Church Study Questions:

1.What stood out to you from today’s viewing?

2. How would you summarize these chapters in a sentence or two?

3. What did you learn about Jesus in these chapters?

4. What did you learn about people/humanity in these chapters?

5. What is God asking you to do, be, embrace, change and/or believe from these chapters?

Additional Questions:

  • What do you think made Jesus’ call so persuasive that these four men would promptly leave the security and familiarity of their family fishing business to follow him?
  • Why do you think Jesus needed prayer to help him resist the temptation of “popularity”? Has outward “success” ever distracted you from a greater goal?
  • The man would have remained paralyzed without his four friends’ determination to get him to Jesus. Who played a major role in bringing you to Jesus or, if necessary, bringing you back to Jesus? Who do you know and care about who needs what only Jesus can offer?

One Church Videos for this week:

Week 2:

  • Mark 1:14-45 (5:36)
  • Mark 2:1-12 (2:21)
  • Mark 2:13-28 (3:51)
  • Mark 3:1-19 (3:22)

You can choose to show all the videos at once, or break them up and discuss each section.

You can also download a copy of a map of Palestine at the time of Jesus here.

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