How to use the study:

A sample 1 ½ hour meeting might look like this:

One Church Study Questions for each week:

1.What stood out to you from today’s viewing?

2. How would you summarize these chapters in a sentence or two?

3. What did you learn about Jesus in these chapters?

4. What did you learn about people/humanity in these chapters?

5. What is God asking you to do, be, embrace, change and/or believe from these chapters?

Additional Questions for your use (From the GPS):

Mark 6:30-52 Think about the contrast between how Jesus’ and the disciples responded to the crowd. “You give them something to eat” seemed to alarm the disciples. When you see people hurting, are you more inclined to respond like the disciples or like Jesus? What concerns or fears do you have, if any, about what might happen if you more often responded to suffering with active compassion?

Mark 6:53-7:23  In verse 21 Jesus said, “It’s from the inside, from the human heart, that evil thoughts come.” God covers us with grace, and the Holy Spirit bears fruit in our lives. But God doesn’t change our hearts without our partnership, working with him to shape our thoughts and actions. How can you keep religious rituals from becoming empty, just done for the sake of doing them? Which faith rituals truly draw you closer to God?

Mark 8:22-38  At the start of Jesus’ ministry, the temptations (cf. Mark 1:12-13) urged him to try to fit people’s hopes and wishes. When Peter “took hold” of Jesus to correct him, Jesus heard the same voice: “By calling out Satan, Jesus exposes an evil force behind Peter’s response. The problem is that Peter denies that Jesus’ mission as the Christ includes suffering.” ** Are you willing to follow a king whose path to build God’s kingdom ran through suffering and crucifixion, not through avoiding them?

Videos for this week:

You can choose to show all the videos at once, show one and stop to talk about it, or choose to only focus on one or two.  The choice is up to you.  There is a lot of content for this week and it would be hard to try to cover all of it in your small group time.  Consider choosing one or two themes from the readings and discussing those and encouraging your group to cover the others in their journal this week.

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