How to use the study:

A sample 1 ½ hour meeting might look like this:

One Church Study Questions for each week:

1.What stood out to you from today’s viewing?

2. How would you summarize these chapters in a sentence or two?

3. What did you learn about Jesus in these chapters?

4. What did you learn about people/humanity in these chapters?

5. What is God asking you to do, be, embrace, change and/or believe from these chapters?

Additional Questions for your use (From the GPS):

Mark 11:1-25    In verses 23-24 Jesus again used “hyperbole” (overstatement to make a point) in his teaching. Jesus used that image often—Matthew 17:20 and Luke 17:6 quoted versions of it in different contexts. Literally throwing mountains into the sea would not actually advance God’s Kingdom. But changing our inner anger and hurt into forgiveness (verse 25) can be a mountainous task. In what ways have you sensed God’s grace changing you into a more gracious person?

Mark 11:27-12:17  The temple priests and legal experts held all the visible, human power at the Temple. Why didn’t they just arrest Jesus on the spot? “They were afraid of the crowd.” Jesus knew “the crowd” could be wrong (cf. John 2:23-25), but in this case they saw more clearly than the religious leaders. What blocked the leaders’ vision? How can you keep your spiritual eyes and ears open to discern God’s work in both expected and unexpected places?

Videos for this week:

You can choose to show all the videos at once, show one and stop to talk about it, or choose to only focus on one or two.  The choice is up to you.  There is a lot of content for this week and it would be hard to try to cover all of it in your small group time.  Consider choosing one or two themes from the readings and discussing those and encouraging your group to cover the others in their journal this week.

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