Lead a Group

Why Lead a Group?

Ultimately, we hope that as you grow in your Christian journey, you might come to respond to God’s call on your life to disciple others. If your journey is one of continued growth in God’s love, that road will lead you towards sharing the good things that God has done in your life through discipleship. One powerful and meaningful way to respond to that call is through leading a small group.

Our next group launch is Fall of 2023. If you are interested, someone from our team will be in touch with what to expect as that launch gets closer.

About the "Communities of Blessing" Program

Our small groups begin with a journal entitled “Communities of Blessing,” which is a resource designed to enrich the experience of both leader and participant. This journal invites a small group on a journey from newly acquainted to deeply related. The journal is divided into three parts. Part One, “Purpose,” starts with group-building practices and an in depth look at the Five Essential Practices, which are an important part of Resurrection’s “DNA.” Part Two, “Belonging,” is an engagement with the story of Scripture that also encourages reflection over the life stories of the group participants. Part Three, “Growth,” leads the group through a series of conversations specifically dedicated spiritual growth. This journal comes with flexible scheduling – it’s not an every week model – and is highly participatory. Leaders have no prep work, nor is the burden of running the group solely on them. We believe the journal will make for an exciting leading experience without being a burden on your time or schedule.