Hope is Found in Serving Others

Week #3 of the Children study series

Hope: Living with Confident Expectation

This week's teacher is Nick Ransom.
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Big Idea

I can give others hope when I help them.

Bible Story

Nehemiah 2–4

Nehemiah decided that he would serve the Lord and the people in Jerusalem by rebuilding the wall. He cast his vision to the people and made it known that they needed to work together to rebuild because God has taken care of them. The people were eager to serve the Lord as well under Nehemiah’s leadership! He gave others hope when he chose to help them and lead them!

Memory Verse: Romans 15:13

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace.

Early Childhood Activities

Thank Your Local Essential Workers

SUPPLIES:  paper or poster board, markers or crayons  

Make “thank you” signs for the people who are helping your family during this time. You can hang them on your front door for delivery people or on your mailbox for the mail carrier. Or if you are getting drive-through or carry-out service from grocery stores or restaurants, place the signs in the back window of your car or hold them up as you get to the drive-through window. This is a great way to serve those who serve you—to encourage them and show that you are thankful for them!

Celebrate People Who Might Be Missing Events

SUPPLIES:  paper, markers or crayons, envelopes, stamps  

Each of us probably knows at least a few people who are missing out on special events. Make an invitation inviting them to a celebration of their special event with you when it is ok to get together. You can include all the details of where and what you will be doing, just leaving the date open.   

If you are not ready to commit to an event, send a card or write a letter to let them know you haven’t forgotten their special time / event.  

If there was going to be an actual event that was cancelled or postponed, mark it in your calendar so you can send a text or call at the time the event would be taking place. This is a great way to give people hope that special things will happen again!

Elementary Activities

Activity 1: Boat Race

SUPPLIES:  Foil, straw or stick, tape, tub of water, small action figure or Lego minifigure  

ACTIVITY: Have the children work together to create a boat out of foil. They can even make a sail for their boat. (If you are doing this activity with more than 3 children, have them work in groups to create a boat.) Once the boat is completed, place an action figure into the boat and then place the boat into the water at one end of the tub. Tell the kids that their boat needs to get to the other side of the tub, but they cannot touch the boat or the water. Let them try to figure out how to help the boat get to the other side (hint: they can get behind the boat and blow). Have them take turns “helping” the boat get to the other side and time them to see who does it the fastest. Finally, have all the children get behind one of the created boats and as a group blow on the boat at the same time.   

TALKING POINTS: Have you ever seen a sailboat? What makes a sailboat move? That’s right, the wind! When people decide to build or buy a sailboat, they have hope that there will be wind to help them sail their boat. Without wind, the boat will not move! Today you built a boat and helped your action figure get to the other side of the tub. Without your help the guy wouldn’t have moved and may not have reached the other side. You gave the action figure hope by helping him! That is our main point today! I can give others hope when I help them! What are some other ways you can give others hope by helping them? Tell a personal story about a time you helped someone!

Activity 2: Memory Verse Activity

SUPPLIES: Memory Verse Cups from Week 1, timer 

*At-Home modification – If you do not have enough cups, use what you have! (Suggestions: Lego Duplos, bowls, shoe boxes, hats, books, playing cards) 

SET UP: Divide up the cups so that you have 2-3 sets of cups (make sure to remove the 10 additional cups you added in week 2). Each set should have some of the words from the verse, together all the sets will make the full verse.    

Memory Verse – Romans 15:13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. NIV  

ACTIVITY: If you have more children than sets of cups, you can divide the children up into groups and give one set of cups per group. Give the children one minute to try to organize their cups in order for the memory verse. At the end of one minute, they will need to say the full memory verse and point to the cups in their set as they say the word in the memory verse.  (Example: one group may have the following words in their set – May, of, you, joy, as, in, so, you, overflow, by, of, spirit, 13. They would need to put them in order as they come in the verse, then say the whole verse and point to the cups they have as they say the word). This is supposed to be difficult. Let them struggle and try a few times. Tell them if they have any of the words in the right place. Once they have tried a few times and/or are getting frustrated, let them work together using all the cups to see if they can put the words in the correct order in one minute.    

TALKING POINTS: Was it hard to put your cups in order when you didn’t have all the words? It was probably hard to work by yourself too! Was it easier when you all worked together and shared your cups with each other? YES! When we are alone and don’t have everything we need, it can be frustrating. It is easy to lose hope too! Think about how people might feel when they are alone and don’t have all the things they need like food, water and shelter. What are some feelings you may have if you were in that situation? Scared, lonely, sad, frustrated… They need people to come to help them or to donate items they need. You can give others hope when you help them!